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Countdown to Thailand 2011

We are still scheduling our 2 trips in 2011, one departing in April and one in October. In order to meet several interested individuals' requirements, we intend to have our second trip start date a week later than previously scheduled, departing on 7 October.


Profile of Saigon

Most people of motorcycling age will remember the Vietnam war and the fall of Saigon in 1975, when US troops evacuated the city. The Vietnamese have renamed the city Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), and it has a population close to 6,000,000.The vast majority of the population is under 40, and as such were born after the war.


South East Asian Food

Many will have heard of the recent tragic case of the Kiwi girls who originally were thought to have become terribly sick after eating seaweed in a local restaurant, whilst on their Asian travels. As it transpired, the issue was not food, but insecticide treatment on the beds in their hotel. Food poisoning is thankfully rare, but it still pays to consider what we eat and drink in foreign countries.


2010 Tour Update

We are still taking bookings for the 2010 trips which will definitely be running. However be aware that the closer we get to the departure date, the more expensive airfares are on the hop across to Thailand.


Thai Political Situation

Most people will have heard of the "Red-Shirt" and "Yellow-Shirt" demonstrations in Thailand earlier in the year. Given that our trips depart in 4 months time, it is appropriate to reflect on the current situation and the degree of protests going on.